Monday, November 23, 2009

New Things and Old

It has been a little longer than intended to post again. My computer crashed about a month ago, so I've been at the mercy of the USM library for internet access. Things have been really busy with student teaching. The kids are great. There is something about Kindergarten and first grade ages when it comes to art. They get so excited about creating things and have next to no fear about trying something new. After working with middle school kids, the enthusiasm was a bit of a culture shock.

Well, after much thought and consideration I've decided to bite the bullet and put in grad school applications for my masters in art education. This week has been insane trying to get together the bulk of my digital portfolio. I'm afraid the rest of the Thanksgiving holiday isn't going to be much of one with student teaching documents to finish up and purpose statements to write. Just one more hurdle. Almost done. I think that statement is going to be a mantra for quite a few people over the "break".

For those of you who don't know USM seniors are gearing up for their show on Thursday of next week. My friends Dustin, Taylor, Scarlett, and Georgie have really been hard at it this semester trying to get everything ready for it. Come on out and support them on the 3rd. The opening reception starts at 4pm and last until 6. If you miss the reception their work will be in the Museum of Art until the 11th.

I know logging hours in the studio can be pretty rough when you have a big project over your head, but after a few semesters off I'm ready to be back in there. Since I'm not going to be busting it on psychology classes next semester I have the opportunity to take a few more studios. I want to get back into painting and ceramics again. I'm looking forward to get a chance at doing more throwing on the wheel. I've been doing a little bit of painting and drawing over the last few months. Below are some images of things I have been working on.

Not too terribly much, but it's a start. Next time I hope to post a few pictures of some of my students' work. Have a happy holiday everyone. Don't forget the senior show next week!

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