Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Serious About Getting Serious

Okay, as I write this I have been up for nearly 20 hours straight. Why? I have three big deadlines hanging over my head for the 4th of May. Stress when I have really important things to do (especially writing) has a really weird affect on me. When I know I have a lot to do I freeze, panic, and do nothing but stay online half the night watching cartoons or something else equally nonproductive. Then I have to deal with the almost cardiac failure inducing stress of doing everything at the last minute. And-surprise- I don't do a very good job.
So, enough. No more. I will not check my e-mail/facebook/blogger every 10 minutes. I will not stay in bed until 1:30 because I was too stressed out to sleep. I will not reminisce my grade school years by watching Ed, Edd, n Eddy episodes on YouTube at 3 AM. I will not freak out because my writing isn't good enough to be publishable (that's what drafting is for).
What I will do is write. 15 minutes just force myself to do it. After so many times doing something I'm afraid of eventually it won't be so bad. I will accept that I am only human, can do so much, and take comfort in the knowledge that my classmates are going through the exact same thing.
Count down to May 4th six days. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Work Preview- Finally!

Nothing big, just a few pastel studies. I am trying to figure out how to work with color again. These turned out surprisingly well. Over the summer I hope to make some paintings from these.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Research Hero Sandwhich

Why in the world does paper writing have to be such a tedious process? The odd thing is that I really enjoy doing research. If I have a topic I really like I could read about it for days. Then comes the business of having to compile my own thoughts with what I'm reading. While having a conversation with one of my art history buddies, the best analogy we could come up with for building research around your thesis topic is kind of like a deli sandwich from a Tex Avery cartoon. You have this massive tower of ingredients- slices of bread, lettuce, cheese, and tomato; with this toothpick running through the whole thing. Found research equating to what the sandwich is made up of and the toothpick holding it together being your thesis statement. In the next two weeks, I've got some serious sandwiches to make....

Oh, and disclaimer. I know I promised images of what I've been working on lately. They are coming. I finally got my new computer yesterday and I need to figure out how to get the photos from my camera on it. Some of the drawing from my figure class may be taking an interesting turn tomorrow. We are going to the cadaver lab... Let you know how that one turns out.


Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Not Dead

After seeing some of the great work my old USM art department buddies have been doing on their blogs, I've realized how much I really neglected this thing! The truth is, I have not been doing a lot of artwork lately. Other than my figure drawing class my own work has been pretty non-existent except for a few pastels in a sketchbook over Spring Break. Another reason I want to do a lot more on this blog is because of a discussion I had with some other art ed. colleagues after class tonight. Balancing teaching and creating your own work is really difficult. (Especially if YOU are in school too!) It seems for the most part all we have been doing is talking about theory and writing papers. For the summer semester Libba, Brooke, Tammy, and I have decided to remedy this. We are planning to meet once a week and just work on art after class. I am really looking forward to this! With as crazy as the summer semesters get not only will this be a good way to squeeze in some creativity, but it will help me keep my sanity. Sorry this is such a short post. I'll get some of my figure drawings up here after portfolio review next weekend. In the meantime, here's a short list of things that have happened or that I've been working on making happen over the past months:

  • In 7 more months I will be COMPLETELY done with grad school! This is really exciting, but I'm also terrified that I won't be able to find a job with as crazy as the economy is. 
  • For the past semester I have been working as a tour guide at the Georgia Museum of Art. I cannot tell you what a great opportunity this has been for me. Not just the experience working with kids again, but being able to see some of the works in the exhibitions: Picasso, Rodin, Dali, Matisse, Joan Mitchell, O'Keeffe, and Richard Diebenkorn just to name a few. 
  • With all the good things going on in my life right now, there has been one major hit to my family this month. My mom recently had heart surgery. It wasn't anything life threatening (she had a pacemaker put in), but this experience has put things in perspective for me. I am really hoping to get a job on the Gulf Coast to stay closer to my family and friends. Life is way too short to not be with the people you love.
  • My computer is DEAD. After four years of faithful service my Hp has had all it can take. I'm finally biting the bullet and buying a MacBook. It makes me sick to spend that much money on anything, but I think it will be a really good investment. They are not prone to viruses and an unreliable computer is the last thing I need while writing my thesis.
  • While I thought summer school was going to take up my entire summer, I was glad to find out that I'm only in class for a month. This makes for some much needed reconnection time with family and friends. I'm also pretty sure I will be teaching a figure drawing class at the Meridian Museum of Art since I'll have some time off. I'll keep everyone posted.
Well, that's it from me for awhile. I hope things are going great with all of you (whoever reads this thing). Expect more posts soon!
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