Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Serious About Getting Serious

Okay, as I write this I have been up for nearly 20 hours straight. Why? I have three big deadlines hanging over my head for the 4th of May. Stress when I have really important things to do (especially writing) has a really weird affect on me. When I know I have a lot to do I freeze, panic, and do nothing but stay online half the night watching cartoons or something else equally nonproductive. Then I have to deal with the almost cardiac failure inducing stress of doing everything at the last minute. And-surprise- I don't do a very good job.
So, enough. No more. I will not check my e-mail/facebook/blogger every 10 minutes. I will not stay in bed until 1:30 because I was too stressed out to sleep. I will not reminisce my grade school years by watching Ed, Edd, n Eddy episodes on YouTube at 3 AM. I will not freak out because my writing isn't good enough to be publishable (that's what drafting is for).
What I will do is write. 15 minutes just force myself to do it. After so many times doing something I'm afraid of eventually it won't be so bad. I will accept that I am only human, can do so much, and take comfort in the knowledge that my classmates are going through the exact same thing.
Count down to May 4th six days. Wish me luck.

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