Thursday, July 28, 2011

Artist Statement 2006

"The act of making marks is perhaps the most basic human instinct. Drawing is what makes me human. My art keeps me sane. It is such a release to me. I cannot see myself doing anything else in my life other than creating art and learning about it. Art helps me communicate my emotions better than using words. I am a visual person at heart. I do not want to merely  project my own emotions on paper, I want to inspire emotions in others. My goal is to pull the viewer into my work and invite them to feel what I am trying to say about the world visually. I want to evoke a sense of empathy with my work and the type of feelings I portray in my drawings and paintings. When I do this I feel successful as an artist..."
That was something I wrote around five years ago my mom found in a closet today. When I first read it I dismissed it as amateurish drabble, but after reading it again around 3:30 in the morning it made me think. The writing may have not been the best- but it was very honest.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Video Blog- No. 1

So there we go. I finally  figured out how to film on my MacBook. This is just a rough video I made a few days ago (be kind, please!). The video is one of the few creative endeavors I've been able to complete since summer classes are so busy. I know I have said this a million times, but I'm planning on doing a lot more with this thing to promote my artwork and a little bit of creative writing that is currently in the works. 

A little bit of news, this weekend definitely expect another post. I've been approached by my friend Katie to do a guest spot on her art blog The Daily Telecraft. If there are any new artists you are curious about check her blog, she is serious art history buff. The post I'm going to be writing this weekend is a spotlight on a painting movement that has inspired a lot of my work called the Bay Area Figure movement. 

Stay tuned! 
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