Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Look at What the Light Did Now- Community and the Creative Process

In early November I had the privilage of seeing Feist perform at The Tablernacle in Atlanta. It was a brilliant concert showcasing selections from her critically acclaimed 2011 album Metals. The former Broken Social Scene bandmember incorporates a strong visual presence in her shows to carry the stories in the music, making them tangible to the audience. This marriage of visual art and sound requires a talented group of artists beyond Feist. 2010 documentary Look at What the Light Did Now, directed by Anthony Seck, is a documentary that explores the group effort that goes into creating such an experience. Instead of a standard rock doc, What the Light Did Now is a rich video scrapbook of the four year process of creating Feist's previous album The Reminder.

Trailer for Look at What the Light Did Now

Feist is very aware of how important others are because she has spent a great deal of her musical career collaborating with fellow artists such as Peaches, Gonzales, By Devine Right, Beck, Wilco, and Kings of Convenience to name a few. Her own recording work echos this. For The Reminder she called in the help of performance artists, graphic designers, photographers, fellow musicians, and friends. Look at What the Light Did Now is a powerful reminder of how the creative process can a collaborative effort instead of singularly focued on the artist alone.

Feist and Athony Seck interview for Qtv

As an artist it is very easy to become so focused on personal work and become isolated, especially when you are not in a school studio situation. I believe that the reason for some of my own artistic blockage, other than grad school stress, was not taking time to become involved with other creative people. After visiting art friends and getting outside myself by listening to music, looking at art, and watching inspiring films I have been doing more creative work. I currently have some short stories and an extended project of a book in the works. Maybe more work of the visual nature before long. The point is to reach out to likeminded people and influences. Other people can help guide you into creative avenues you would not normally venture on your own.  Feist's documentary is a great example of this practice at work.

For more on Feist visit her offical website :ListenToFeist.
To find a copy of Look at What the Light Did Now Amazon
For more on Metals check the AVclub.

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