Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sketching to Grow

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy looking at sketches and preliminary work of other artists. Sometimes the preliminary sketches of an artist's major work are more impressive to me than the work itself. There is just some kind of unabridged freedom present in sketches. This type of freedom is something I am trying to replicate in my own sketching, in hopes that it will be translated into my paintings. Perhaps my favorite series of sketches that illustrate my point are Honore Daumier's representations of Don Quixote. I love the fluid movement in these. 

Here are some examples of my work since the last post. I was pretty pleased with how these turned out. I have found that the key to making freer marks and artistic choices is to create tons of sketches or studies. The more you have the less precious they become, so you are more open to taking risks. These were an offshoot of the abstract works in my last post. They are all done in oil pastel. 

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to develop another good many of these to build up my confidence in painting on canvas again. 


  1. I know the creativity gods will smile soon. I enjoyed looking at your sketches. It looks to me like you are ready to graduate to painting on canvas! Just go to it as if it were your sketch book. Make some marks & I bet your confidence will sneak up on you. I'm glad that you reached out. So often I feel like my blog is a waste of time

    1. I do to. I've got another post in the works for this weekend. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement I needed it!


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