Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is what my past week has looked like...

With an applied project (i.e. thesis) and general life stuff on my mind it is noted that there has not been the weekly amount of activity on this blog. Also it has come to my attention that some of the posts on here have sounded really...should I say...scripted? The main purpose of this blog is to give myself some accountability as an artist and a place to put things of interest. There are going to be some set features where I have put some extra effort into editing. Right now I want to add a section of monthly or bi-monthly interviews with some of my art friends. For now here is some work that happened less than an hour ago. 

Add a few slight changes...

This isn't finished now, but I had to do something other than write. It has been a pretty stressful week, but some good has come out of it. I've realized that every now and then, even if you don't think you have time (or probably really don't), you've got to breathe and take an hour to pour whatever stress/negativity out of you. This might mean reading a book, grabbing a beer and getting away from the kids, or attacking the blank canvas that has been sitting your living room for the past 8+ months. You never know... the results might be kind of beautiful. 


  1. it's nice to see your new work! love the pink :)

    1. Thank you! I hopefully have some new stuff on the way this week!


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