Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finished Painting and Keeping Up Your Artistic Mojo

I have been in a bit of a creative slump as of late. Deadlines arise, friends need help moving, job applications need to be completed; and as a result it's been a fight to stay enthusiastic about my own work. One problem is that I really don't know where I'm going anymore as an artist. The figure has always been my strong suit, but I feel like I really need to start pushing myself in a different path to avoid my same old rut. It has been encouraging that I have made a painting sale and completed another painting over the past months. I just want to keep doing. 

Most recent

My next project for the time being is to define was artistic problem I'm trying to solve in my work. I'm torn between color and linear composition. It is very difficult to purse both in one painting. One thing that has been working well for me is getting rid of subject matter. It makes it easier when I don't have to think about how something looks is suppose to look. 

Referencing other artists has been a help in this process. I cannot stress enough how valuable Pinterest is in doing this. I have one album on my personal Pinterest account completely dedicated to artists that I find inspiring to my own work. These artists range from painters, multimedia artists, sculptors and a few friends. Below are those I've been looking at most recently to get ideas.

Pierre Bonnard
Michelle Armas

Marie Theres Berger

Joan Mitchell

Lance Letscher
Lance Letscher

Amanda Bush. I know this one :) 

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