Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Challenge

Creating makes me sane. It is the one thing in the world that I know I can do and do well. Recently one of my favorite bloggers, Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday, launched a book called Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice which documents how she set aside one day a week from her 9-5 job to be creative. The result of this was the start of her painting sales, blog, fabric line, and eventual book. This shows how powerful setting time to pursue what you are really passionate about can do. For Marisa, a single day devoted to creativity led to a thriving creative business. 
I am currently embarking on my first legitimate 9-5 endeavor myself as a middle school art teacher. You would think that being in a field dedicated to teaching others to create would give endless inspiration to throw yourself into your own work. Instead, the opposite has occurred. As any first year teacher can tell you teaching is much more that just being a facilitator in the learning process. There's paperwork, grade deadline, phone calls home, and endless planning for the next step. As an artist/teacher/researcher it's easy to loose your own creative vision amid the red tape and early mornings. 
Marisa has inspired me to take my own creative days (which may or may not be on Thursdays). In order to completely give yourself to helping others or anything else that is meaningful in life, you much cultivate the good in your own life. My good is creating. 

What's yours? 

By the way you can pre-order a copy of Marisa's book on her Esty website.   

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