Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jen Davis: An Honest Portrait of Body Image

Pressure Point, 2002. Jen Davis and Lee Marks Fine Art
Photographer Jen Davis documented her feelings about her appearance in a very captivating way. In a photo series spanning ten years, Davis took multiple self-portraits of herself performing different everyday tasks. Some of the photographs depicted the artist both before and after having Lap Ban Surgery. One of the most gripping images to me is one of Davis sitting fully clad in a black tank top and shorts among her thinner, bikinied friends on a beach during a college Spring Break trip. As a woman, I've been through the body image battle myself. I can remember swimming with my wispy friends in middle school, hoping to God my boy shorts covered my thighs enough so people wouldn't notice that I was bigger than the other girls. Davis' photography shows how caged we can feel in our own bodies. It is a brave, honest series that shows human venerability and the path to becoming comfortable in your own skin.

Untitled, 2013. Jen Davis and Lee Marks Fine Art

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