Wednesday, April 24, 2013

USM Spring Sculpture Show

Last night I went to The University of Southern Mississippi Senior Sculpture Show at Hattiesburg's new Art Factory. This is a phenomenal newly renovated space Downtown is affiliated with the Oddfellows Gallery.  Senior sculptors Ashley Mel and Hilary Fairburn developed their work as part of their senior project for a BFA degree in sculpture. While both artists used ceramics as a chosen medium, each body of work showed a unique touch guided by the artists' individual personality.  

Hilary Fairburn

Ashely Mel

I always enjoy going to the senior exhibitions. For anyone who didn't know this, a senior student showcases the work they have done over a full semester. It is the end product of what students have learned about craftsmanship, form, and artistic concepts in their undergraduate academic career and how they personally interpret what they learned in their own work.  It is an incredibly rewarding and stressful time for a young artist. Following this show, Mel and Fairburn will defend their work to a faculty panel and write a twenty page paper explaining their process.  

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