Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anti-Portraits: Testing the Limits of Portraiture

Photo by Mitsuko Nagon
Portraits are my favorite type of photography. After watching a documentary on Netflix about revolutionary photographer Francesca Woodman, I've been regularly searching the internet for interesting types of self-portraits. This is how I've come to learn about anti-portraits. These are a type of portrait that does not show the face of the person being photographed. They challenge the idea of traditional photography because instead of being a documentation of existence, anti-portraits are a reminder of a temporary existence. 

Photo by Any Rynolds 
Photo by Olivia Jeffers

Photo from
Photo by Melissa Fernandez
Photo from 
Photo from
Photo by Hugh Kretschmer
Photo by Arjan Benning
Photo from

For more anti-portraits: 

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