Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog Spotlight: Gwarlingo

Gwarlingo , the art blog created and maintained by Michelle Aldredge, an Atlanta native (and former docent of the High Museum of Art), is not your typical art blog. It is a fresh look at different art forms by a writer who has spent the past twelve years working at The MacDowell Colony. I first heard about Gwarlingo through The USM Sculpture Area Blog when it featured a post about a letter of encouragement to Eva Hess by Sol LeWitt. Needless to say as a young artist in need of some serious encouragement I was hooked after reading that post.

"Gwarlingo" is a welsh term referring to the sound before the chime of grandfather clock or "movement before the moment". Following movement is a wonderfully accurate description for the content of Gwarlingo. The blog, which currently weighs in at 300,000 readers, features insights and interviews with contemporary artists, weekly poetry spotlight, and relatable posts about the creative process. Aldredge is focusing full-time on Gwarlingo and is trying to do it without the help of posting advertisements on the blog. In order to reach her goals, she is trying to secure funding from donors and subscribed readers. As a blogger who is trying to accomplish the same feat I support the site and want to help out by promoting it. Please, check out Gwarlingo for yourself. I can promise you won't be disappointed!

Gwarlingo Sells Out...To You from Michelle Aldredge on Vimeo.

For more information see the links below.

New Hampshire Public Radio

About Gwarlingo

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