Sunday, November 3, 2013

Entering the Online Community

Blogging from the Heart

The next six weeks I will be enrolled in Susannah Conway's Blogging from the Heart e-course. I am fiercely excited about being able to do this. This is the first actual e-course I've ever taken where I will have a chance to interact with other people (my classmates) online. I love learning and connecting with new people, so needless to say this is a treat. Also, since grad school my "I want another degree" bug has been itching again. I've been turning the idea of getting an MFA in painting around in my head since before I got my education degree, but opted getting a degree I thought I'd have a better chance getting a job in. If money were no object, I would be in school my entire life. After enviously watching nursing majors studying over huge text books with high-lighters in  hand during my post crack-of-dawn workout coffee runs at Starbucks, the need to take another class has been pounding in my brain.

My visual arts side is asleep for a bit, save a few downtown figure drawing sessions and cartooning while watching Disney movies. My hands want to write. They want to type and get smudged up with ink. Technically, if you count my thesis I've already written a book. It was a major accomplishment and a creative light bulb. I thought "Hey, if I can write a 150 page thesis I can write a real book!" I've been dabbling with ideas for children's books, self help books, fiction, This past week I grabbed a few Moleskins from Target and spent about two hours analyzing sentence structure in Charles Bukowski's Factotum. I really want to write something that matters, but I don't know what.

Blogging here has been my self-publishing outlet, but there are many times when I go months with hearing any comments or interacting with other bloggers I feel disconnected. For someone who spends so much time online reading blogs and what other people write, I'm admittedly a bit of a troller. There are some wonderful bloggers that I have been reading for three years that I have never sent an email to. I'm fascinated by the idea of "internet" friends, but just really don't know who to go about making any. I feel like the girl new in school. 

I'm hoping that by joining Susannah's course of creatives I can get over it and make some lasting creative connections. After graduating art school the internet is a great place to start a hub of like minded people, even if the place you happen to live doesn't exactly have your niche of creatives. That is the beauty of the internet. After you get past all the bad Youtube comments, cat pictures, and memes it can be a powerful tool to start little communities. 

Cheers and happy Sunday. 


  1. Hello from a fellow classmate! Just thought I'd leave a wee comment to say how much I'm enjoying reading your blog. I'm not as creative as you, though I too hope to use mine as an outlet of sorts!

    1. Thanks for comment! I'm sure you're much more creative than you give yourself credit for! I like to think of my blog as a digital sketch book ;) I write and do other things outside of the blog, but this is my testing ground.


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