Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Art of Acceptance

I am the type of person who can get bored or restless very easily. I am always thinking about my next step in life: the next town I will move to, my next job, or my next relationship. As my second year of living in Hattiesburg can be seen over the horizon, I am feeling a very familiar itch. While my first instinct is to push ahead to the future, I know what I need to do is stay connected with the present. Sometimes it is necessary to embrace your circumstances and a stillness. I recently read an article on Tinybuddha where the author talked about a time in her life where she was living in a town she wasn't particularly at home in and working for a job she didn't like. Her initial reaction was resistance. This made her daily life quite challenging; however, once she accepted where she was in her life new opportunities.

Practicing acceptance is difficult, especially when we are facing things we can't change. I believe that everything happens for a reason. When I found myself searching for a job after initially giving up on my teaching career, I was very discouraged that I had made the wrong career path and had no idea where to turn. I never could have imagined that a year later I would be back in a classroom again. Right now I am a pre-school teacher, which is honestly one of the most fulfilling jobs I've ever had. It has prompted two major life decisions for me. The first was to plan to return to school next fall for a second master's degree in marriage and family therapy. And the second is to put my art business into motion.

All of these decisions are in a process stage where I will not see any fruition for probably the next months or even years. While there is the temptation to feel frustrated with all the work and waiting, I've finally learned that I have to trust the process. The earth is moving even we don't feel the ground revolving under our feet. At points in my life where I feel like I'm stuck and time is dragging by, I look out my window and realize it's already summer again. Accepting your circumstances is the first step to changing them. Each day has its new opportunities for your life if you allow them. Making the decision to stifling your react with resistance and embracing new challenges will only speed you further on the path you are suppose to be on.

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