Monday, July 6, 2015

Back to Basic

For any blogger or writer, especially those of us who aren't exactly professionals, finding your voice is tough. As I'm sure most of you have noticed I did not make one post on the blog in nearly a year.  I have been blogging on The Wastepapers since 2009 (6 years!), and have nearly lost my urge to do it anymore. Since, blogging has become a growing way for Millennials to make a profitable living so many people have thrown themselves into building businesses and using blogs as their own means professional self-publication, I feel like the creative spirit of blogging that drew so many artists and writers to the medium is dying. That isn't a criticism of those who do make their living off blogging. There is nothing wrong with making money off your blog, there is nothing wrong with using it to promote your brand; in fact, it is phenomenal if you actually can make a living that way. 

Deep in my gut, I feel that I do have that entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to branding and making art. Hell, I have to eat and my skills as an artist have helped me pay my rent. However, I'm done using my blog to do it. As an avid journaller and someone who wants to eventually publish my own books someday, writing is a form of self-expression and way for me to put my life back together. I don't talk about my personal life too much on my blog, but the last three years have been hard. I've changed careers, at times I've been broke to the point where I couldn't afford to run my air conditioner in the middle of July, and in this one year alone I have been in three separate graduate school programs, in three separate departments. Writing and a great therapist have helped me push through it all.

To me for so long art has been business, but writing is mine. In a few weeks I am finally moving away from Mississippi and going back to Athens, Georgia, to get my second masters degree in social work. As I make these changes and embark on yet another adventure, writing will continue to be my pocket therapist to help me adjust and make sense of it all. I want to use my blog to share what I learn a long the way. Maybe my own screw ups and "Ah-ha!" moments will help other creative minds who, also haven't gotten it all figured out yet either know that's its fine that they don't.

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